A new super earth orbiting far away from the Sun?

The dwarf planet 2012 VP113

Called the 2012 VP113, identified by a Dark Energy Camera situated in Chile, the new ‘dwarf planet’ expands the limits of Solar system quite massively. The closest it comes to the Sun is 12 billion KMs, and the farthest is 67 billion KMs.

Looking at the new object and a previously identified Sedna, which follows a similar trajectory, the scientists are predicting that a ‘Super Earth’, about ten times the size of earth is orbiting Sun very far from the expected range.

After the three rocky planets, of which Earth is one – are forming the closest planets of the solar system, the gas giants like Saturn and Jupiter are there. Further up, the third region is the band of icy objects beyond Neptune called the Kuiper Belt. Identified in 2003, Sedna was the only identified member of the Kuiper belt, now it has company in 2012 VP113. These two objects are in the part of area called the inner Oort Cloud. Chad Tujillo, the scientist who identified Sedna in 2003, together with Scott Sheppard identified the new object.


Medaram Jathara

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