About us

V6news.tv is part of the VIL Media, led by a team of media professionals with decades of experience. The news portal is the online arm of the media wing of VIL media group led by V6 TV news channel. V6 news channel has already proved its representativeness of the Telangana region and is widely accepted as the leader in the electronic media. The online version of V6 media group, V6news.tv aims to replicate the iconic stature and commit to the task of true representation of the Telangana populace. VIL media group wishes to play a constructive role in the rejuvenation of the region. The management has firm view of the realities of the modern world of technology and changing landscape of information needs and usage by public.

V6news.tv hopes to and will strive to be the one stop resource center for anything and everything related to Telangana. The portal will have news, discussions, videos and analysis of socio-political issues, economic, financial, irrigation, power, agriculture related, business, culture, literature , film and other entertainment related information.

Coming online on the verge of a new born Telangana, V6news.tv hopes to set new standards in information usage patterns of the diaspora from the region and netizens across the world seeking information on the region.

The Main Team:

Sri Ravi Ankam: CEO and Chief Editor, VIL Media – With over two decades of experience in electronic media in the state, Mr. Ravi is one of the most recognized and respected voices of Telugu Media. He is the overseer of the VIL Media vision, voice and policy.

Dr. Raghu Ram Bandi: News Editor, In Charge of v6news.tv – With long experience in education, films and different formats of media, Dr. Raghu takes care of issues pertaining to the content and quality of the Internet arm of VIL Media group.

Mr. Murali Krishna Kolamudi: News Editor – An old timer of v6 News channel, Mr. Murali is the umbilical cord connecting the v6 news portal and the v6 news channel.

Mr. Madan Mohan Reddy: Planning Editor – Another electronic media veteran, contributes significantly to the news portal and also to the TV channel with his critical acumen and lengthy experience.

Mr. Sangappa Jenawade: Bureau Chief – The primary eyes and ears of the VIL Media with in depth control over the entire region.

Mr. Kranti: Editor – Input – Another experienced hand in news gathering and compilation, among the most visible faces from the VIL Media.

Mr. Pandu Ranga Reddy: In Charge – City: The chief source of information with fingers on the pulse of this ever developing cyber city.

Mr. Buchchanna: Special Correspondent – The primary presenter and analyzer of v6 news channel is an experienced political analyst and commentator.