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manam manam_movie_wallpapers2 manam_telugu_movie_opening_photos_pictures_S_210 Manam-Telugu-Movie-Latest-Stills1“Manam” is a celebration of togetherness, bonding, love and family. It is a rarely well crafted movie in recent telugu cinema, the filmmakers deserve good appreciation for such an effort first.

The story is of two love stories, two marriages, several bonds associated with them and the tug of blood and heart associated with all these emotions. The story is centered around the thought that strong bonds and pure love are drawn together even overcoming fate and death.

The film begins with the birthday celebrations of a six years old kid in the eighties. The couple have a lot of love between them but also have lots of misunderstanding that is spoiling their happy abode. The kid is seen suffering due to the escalated arguments between the parents, but he wants to see them happy and together so badly! Fate plays a cruel card and they are separated.

The kid is now a grown up, one of the most successful business men in the Country. He sees a young man and woman and is convinced that they are his parents and they are meant to be together. Next part of the film shows his efforts in befriending them and bringing them together.

Around this time, towards the break, the film takes a different turn and another love story becomes the center of attention. Here too, the realization and coming together of the love has to overcome the cruel hand of fate and has to satisfy the 80 years old longing of an Old Man, played by Nageshwar Rao.

How these two love stories turn out finally, how the misapprehensions of the lovers are answered, how fate plays an important role again, love overcomes all impediments, is unraveled in the later part of the second half.

Conceptualizing this story is one challenge and building block by block is another big task. Writer-director Vikram Kumar wins on every front. Staring with the names of the characters, each detail, like the video of birthday, the tiffs between the couple, the tie slipped on the railing of the steps, the dog’s role in the story, the “hi” during the marriage ceremony, use of “I Love You,” the car fixation, drink episode…. everything added to the gravita of the story and increased the emotional strength of the film in becoming a memorable classic.

This film will be more popular in the TV/ Video circuit, with viewers savoring it more each time. The music fits the film entirely, the “Chinni Chinni ashalu…”song is beautiful. Camera work is imaginatively done and very precise. The dialogues too are very precise and emotionally touching.

Comedian Ali could not do much in the brief appearance. Brahmanandam too has nothing much to do. Posani was funny enough in the lone scene.

Amala makes a blink and you miss appearance. Amitabh’s appearance too was limited to a courteous nod to the last film of the Thespian. Akkineni Akhil makes a short, but attentive screen debut. Shriya, Samanthaa looked beautiful and were perfect for their roles.

Though the “Back To The Future” inspiration was clearly there, the way the film focuses more on family relations and emotional bondings make this a uniquely Indian take on the time travel/ reincarnation love story plot.

Akkineni has an indelible place in the Indian film history, no body can alter it, this film can be seen as a tribute to the legend from their family. But the film turned out so well that this can stand it’s own place in the long list of good films of the ever green rmantic hero of Telugu cinema.

I should joing with Nagarjuna in questioning his own choices like “Bhai” after seeing this film. The “King” was probably at a low point when he accepted this particular film and a few other recent films. He has finally embraced his current status and position as an actor it seems and this would lead to another golden phase in the handsomest actor of India’s film career.

This film is definitely recommended for all kinds of viewers.

Rating: 3.75 out of 5

By Raghu


Medaram Jathara

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