“Autonagar Surya” Film Review:


Much awaited, delayed film of director Deva Katta who vowed regular audience and critics alike with his previous film “Prasthanam” is finally released today. For Naga Chaitanya too, this film has been an embarrassing delay that put his career in limbo till he has been steadied by the big success “MANAM” recently. This is the third pairing of Chaitanya and Samanthaa who were well received earlier in “Em Maya Chesave” and “Manam”. Anup Ruebens played the music in this film.

The film is the story of a young boy’s life whose parents belong to different castes in the deeply divided casteist society of Vijayawada. His parents are forced out of the town, who get killed by a growing up goonda/ politician. The young boy kills a person during the incident in a train and is jailed at the young age of 16. He comes back to the same Autonagar where the caste divisions still strongly divide the society along with a bunch of strong men under the protection of the city mayor. The young man has now to win the confidence of the family that has shunned his parents, win back his teenage love – his cousin and reclaim his position in the automobile/ machinery centered life of Autonagar. He has acquired a new dream of building a battery car too, which could replace the existing liquid fuel automobiles. But he is not allowed to work on his dreams as all activity is controlled by a mafia controlled by local corporator Jaya Prakash Reddy and Mayor Madhu, aided by police commissioner Raghu Babu, Collector Ahuti Prasad and Ajay. Sai Kumar, Brahmanandam, Venu Madhav, Nandu, Prithvi play other supporting roles. What happens to Chaitanya’s dreams, will he be accepted by his casteist uncle again, will he achieve his dreams of making a battery car, and finally will he avenge the death of his parents and his years of jail life forms the rest of the story.

This is a typical old school story, the only strength of the film could have been a gripping screenplay and good performances. There are many scenes in the movie, particularly in the first half, that attract attention and make the viewers involved in the proceedings, but the situation soon fades into unnecessary repetition of emotions and events and excessive dialog duals. The hero is always pontificating, it could be accepted as he has just returned from serving a jail sentence, but he doesn’t seem convincing delivering those dialogs. Several emotions are repeated in the screenplay, the love between the hero and heroine takes unnecessary circles. Once the heroine declares that she cannot live without the hero, what’s the point in showing him running behind her? Hero’s fight with the bad guys too goes in wrong circles. He proves that Ajay is not a match to him at all, then again, he has to fight him repeatedly. In the second half, the pre climax is a big fight episode which occurs after the chief player, Jaya Prakash Reddy is made to look like a buffoon, if the main villain accompanied him, it could have been more convincing. The main friend jumps to the other side of the war, without any reason at all, and without really causing much damage. The public too take part in the fight along with the hero, but it comes too late, in too unconvincing, weak manner. Over all, the film is a big screenplay failure. The emotions are all over the place and repetitive.

Dialogs are well written in the film, but they sound excessive as the situations do not support them too well. Comedian’s “Krishna jilla vaanni kadda, speed gaa allukupotaa” during a fight was good. BHarat’s “Shiva” imitation was OK on few instances. The over all use of “Shiva” in the film was excessive.

Chaitanya’s performance too looks quite raw as the film itself looks dated in terms of situations and narration. Nandu looked and acted well in his supporting role. Bharat’s kidnap episode doesn’t work too well. Villain Madhu performed quite effectively. Brahmi’s song is misplaced and is wasted finally. Couple of other songs too come at wrong places. Samanthaa looks OK, but has not much scope in the character. To Chaithanya and Samanthaa, this will be a forgettable film.

After the nuanced, multi layered “Prasthanam” Deva Katta chooses a wrong script. One may doubt, is it the same director who did “Prasthanam”? Finally this is an avoidable film.

Rating: 1 out of 5

Medaram Jathara

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