Balloon burst: Director Kammula on Pawan Kalyan

“Hats off Pawan Kalyan! Your speech echoed the feelings of millions of Telugus.Gatha konni nelaluga manani aavarinchina sthabdathaki gonthukani echchavu. Manamu bratike unnamu anna feeling vachindi. Thank you.”
This is what director Sekhar Kammula wrote about Pawan Kalyan’s first meeting in Hyderabad.
 Now see what he wrote yesterday in response to Pawan’s Friday second meeting in Vizag…
“Disappointed, confused.. aa aavesam etu poyyindi…oka anyaanni edurokodaniki maro arrachakaanni aruvu techhukovadam poratam anipinchukodu…Deeniki Sena tho pani ledu…Oka vyakthini gelipinchandi ani cheppadaniki intha avesam akkaraledu, ee aavesam poratalaku dachukundam…Kulam matham prantham peruna vidvashalu repi elections lo gelavali ani choose ye vyakti ki gani party ki gani manalni paripalinche arhata ledu.”
Sekhar clearly echoed the opinions innumerable persons have felt who have been watching Pawan Kalyan’s recent actions and words. Pawan Kalyan did not need this amount of brouhaha to peddle his pro Modi slogans, neither did he need to fight with his brother, bring the family politics out in the open and attract the earth shattering attention he got.
Now there will be another round of opinions sure to flow, after reading his alleged political ideology book “Ism”.
A person proclaiming Che Guevara as his idol, who left no chance to use his picture outside or in his films, how can he call the Telangana public’s fight for liberty as ‘separatism?” How this fight can be equated with LTTE struggle, or, for that matter, who is he to find fault with the LTTE struggle?
Lots of noise, very little substance, unbearable, opportunistic vacuousness.
Medaram Jathara

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