Can Diabetes be managed without medication?

DiabetesDiabetes, one of the most common ailments with debilitating repercussions if not managed

strictly has gained a lot of ground in India. This can be largely attributed to unhealthy

lifestyles and eating habits. The result is that even people as young as 25 and 30 are getting

affected by Diabetes. Moreover, once an individual is diagnosed with the disease, it becomes

all the more important to maintain a physically fit body and a little bit of care while eating

food will go a long way in controlling the erratic sugar levels. Even more pertinent is the

regularity that needs to be maintained while taking prescribed medication.

Diabetes is a condition in which pancreas does not making enough insulin needed for the

body. And this can be diagnosed by checking the Glucose levels in the blood – While below

100 is considered normal; between 100 and 125 is pre-diabetic condition during which time

focused emphasis on health and fitness can quickly reverse the process and take you back

into safe zone. A blood sugar level of above 126 is considered Diabetes – positive. Usually

Type 2 Diabetes affects people around the age of 40 – but thanks to the current stress-filled

lifestyle, the average age is coming down.

However, the question stays – Is it possible to avoid medication completely? Yes, say

experts. Diabetes 2 that can lead to heart attacks, kidney ailments and other crippling diseases

can be slowed down or partially reversed by controlling sugar levels and cardio-vascular risk


It may sound clichéd, but it is only possible by loss of excess weight, increased physical

activity on a daily basis and diet with fibre-rich food, minus the sugar, especially the

processed kind. Most importantly, it is not advised to embark upon managing diabetes

without medical advice. Even while on diet, constant monitoring of blood glucose levels is

needed to see of the diet is working and to ensure there aren’t any erratic changes, which

could prove fatal too.

Medaram Jathara

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