Can humans escape breathing oxygen?


Oxygen is the life supporting element no living thing can do without on this earth. Rider is that it has to be taken in a certain way only, through air, via your windpipe and lungs, then to the blood cells and all organs. But what if the wind pipe is broken, or the lungs themselves gone bust?

Do not worry, scientists are reporting first success in transferring oxygen straight to blood cells, without the filtering of lungs. A new microparticle is being filled with oxygen, which is being delivered into the blood stream straight, removing the via wind pipe, lungs route. The microparticles are actually tiny capsules (2-4 micrometers tiny) made of a single layer of lipids surrounding a small bubble of oxygen gas. These capsules are put in a safe liquid and injected into the subject’s body. The liquid merges with the blood, the capsules crash into the red blood cells and they explode transferring  oxygen onto the RBCs. About 70% of oxygen is successfully sent to the red blood cells, report the scientists. Rabbits with blocked windpipes were tested with this method and were kept alive for as long as 15 minutes, report the scientists.

The research offers great hope for patients with lung disorders and in conditions of accidents causing damage to lungs. The method can also offer to take humans to places where carrying oxygen may not be possible.

Medaram Jathara

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