Chase…hunt…and finally kill!

rat-snakae2Sometimes, even a monster falls prey to an ant..

The enmity between mongoose and snake is well known. The moment a mongoose sees a snake, it would stop all its activity and goes on to hunt it.  Even if it is a king cobra or a vicious African serpent, it will not backtrack!

A rare view of a deadly boomslang snake becomes dinner for a mongoose after rodent sneaks up on it in tree was caught on camera and has become viral across the globe.

According to a report of Daily Mail, UK,  the boomslang snake is a feared predator in the wild armed with deadly venom capable of killing humans,

But the tables were well and truly turned when this unsuspecting reptile was ambushed by a mongoose.

rat-snake 1The boomslang was resting in a tree in Namibia’s Etosha National Park when the mongoose crept up and went in for the kill.

After climbing the tree, the mongoose clambered onto the snake and edged closer and closer to the serpent’s head. Slithering in vain, the snake tried to shake the mongoose off.

But unable to move, it wasn’t long until the mongoose got close enough to take a bite and sank its teeth into its prey.


Medaram Jathara

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