Chuck the coffee, make the way for some chilled lassi

lassiWhat helps most Indians in dealing with hot summers? Among the various home remedies is the lassi that can always be depended upon. And this is not an exaggeration. Just before stepping out on a hot summer day, have a tall glass of thick frothy lassi with either sugar for those who have a sweet tooth, or just some salt and pepper, and a few ice cubes thrown in; you are all set to deal with the searing heat.
There a numerous transformations to this simple liquidized version of curd that thrive across India. Masala lassi, for example, is popular across India. Crush a bit of ginger, mint and curry leaves and add to thin, watery buttermilk with some salt and juice of lemon to taste, and the simple to make and yummy to taste masala lassi is ready to be served at home. You can make large quantity and refrigerate it. The entire family can have it at the end of a meal, especially in the afternoons. This preparation can be even made using buttermilk that has soured a bit. It is ideal to make for large groups during lunch.
You can add thick mango juice to lassi and you have the mango lassi; the popular Rooh afza can be added for the additional flavour to lassi, add kesar – you have the kesar lassi; add rose syrup – you have the rose lassi.
With the masala-rich food that we Indians love, lassi is never out of fashion. But since it’s summer – it’s time you chucked the coffee and tea, and switched to what can be called the national drink of India.
chilled-lassiBenefits of lassi
1. The liquid version of yoghurt is helpful in soothing the digestive tract, and aids in digestion.
2. It can be helpful in easing bloated stomach, and prevents constipation
3. Curd is a natural probiotic. And hence, lassi too helps in the growth of healthy bacteria and prevents bad bacteria from growing.
4. Lassi is rich in protein, and good for muscles.
5. It is rich in calcium and hence good for the bones
6. All the above benefits, in addition to acting like a coolant, makes lassi ideal for summers.

Medaram Jathara

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