Don’t swim, we will die instantly in that (boiling) river!

Boiling-River-SwimmingFurther details about the ‘boiling water way’ which has become a puzzle for many a geo scientist were out recently. The boiling river which was discovered deep in Peruvian Amazon, was researched very recently.


The boiling river as it has been named is being felt sacred by many of the people who reside alongside.

According to findings which were published in the Daily Mail today, the river “Mayantuyacu” was thought to be nothing more than a legend by the people of Peru. But after hearing a story about the mythical boiling hot waters from his grandfather, geoscientist Andrés Ruzo set out to find it. He discovered a four mile ‘boiling river’ in the sacred geothermal healing site of the Asháninka people in Mayantuyacu.

At its widest, it is 82ft (25 metres), and around 20ft (six metres) deep. The water is hot enough to brew tea, and in some parts, is so hot it bubble over. ‘Dipping my hand into the river would give me third-degree burns in less than half a second,’ Ruzo said. ‘Falling in could easily kill me.’ The river boils because of fault-fed hot springs. When rain falls on the surrounding area, it gathers into the porous sedimentary rock. As it moves through the rock, it heats up from the primal heat of the Earth.


Parts of the river are so hot that any animals that falls in boils instantly.

He has published a book, ‘The Boiling River: Adventure and Discovery in the Amazon,’ that publicises the river for the first time.

Medaram Jathara

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