Eight ways to keep away that unpleasant odour


To begin with, body odour can be extremely unpleasant and embarrassing. A few people may only suffer from it on an extremely hot and sweaty day, and for them using a mild deodorant can prove to be helpful. There are others for whom this is a serious problem, which only gets worse in summers. The body odour can get worse in people with over-weight or on a day when you feel weak and tired. Pungent smell from the body, sweaty palms and feet etc., are usually the indication of this condition.
However, this is most manageable of all the problems and can be avoided with quick remedies and following body hygiene.
1. A person suffering from body odour should take bath atleast twice every day and each time use a lot of water.
2. During summer, it is advised not to take hot water bath. And if you are one of those who shiver at the mention of cold water bath, then try using luke warm water.
3. Completely dry yourself and wear cleanly washed and fresh-smelling clothes.
4. You may first dust your body with powder (the prickly heat powders available during this season work well.)
5. You can wear a long lasting deodorant of good quality. You may also carry the deodorant in your bag and use it through the day, especially if you tend to smell with sweat.
6. You may try some home remedies like making a mix of equal proportions of baking soda and lemon juice, applying it to your underarms and wherever you sweat more and washing it off before taking a shower. Do not scrub. Alternately you can apply lemon juice, diluted if your skin is sensitive, leave it for 10 minutes before washing it off and taking a shower.
7. Always wear clean socks. And after every use leave you shoes to air well to avoid smell that can get really offensive when ignored.
8. Above all, drink a lot of water, and eat fresh fruits and nutritious food. A healthy body is the first factor that keeps body odour away.

Medaram Jathara

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