Five important summer care tips during exercise:Raj Ravi

Untitled-2Wonder why – it might be that early mornings are not so cold that one is not so reluctant to leave bed like it happens in winters, or that there is no ominous rain threatening to pour down –fitness resolutions are usually taken during summers. The only other time people take such brave decisions is during New Year.
There is also a misconception that exercising in summer leads to more sweating and hence more fat is burnt. We cannot count on that, however, the skin pores do open up and a lot of skin cleansing happens.
There are a few important precautions you need to take, nevertheless.
Drink enough fluids, water, fruit juice, coconut water and the kind to replenish the loss of fluid during this hot season. Carry a water bottle or electrolyte supplement with you.
Wear proper loose exercise clothes, preferably cotton or the sportswear in light colours.
Avoid exercising between 10 in the morning and 4pm. It is not advisable to sweat it out in extreme hot weather that can be quite exhaustive. Also try and choose shaded trails for jogging and indoor play spaces.
Exercise itself raises your body temperature and the summer heat is only going to increase it more. So general precautions like saving your head from hot sun, shower after an exercise session etc., are important.
Without proper care and undue exposure to high temperatures during exercise and even indulging in physically active outdoor games during afternoons when heat is extreme can lead to heat related illnesses like heat cramps, exhaustion, heat stroke and in extreme cases can turn out to be fatal.
While no time is wrong to start your exercise regime, extra precaution is absolutely necessary in summers. Most importantly, never ignore the signals from your body. If you feel exhausted, stop before it’s too late.

Medaram Jathara

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