Gautama Buddha got knowledge under a tree..

Gautama-Buddha-got-knowledg(Greatly enthused by the TRS government’s initiative of Haritha Haram, Gargi, a Class VII student of Sadhu Vaswani international School of Hyderabad has penned her thoughts about the programme and sent it to V6 News. We are carrying the little girl’s letter as it is, without changing a bit).

Haritha Haram is started by our honourable Chief Minister K. Chandrasheker Rao garu on Friday, 8th July 2016. I really felt happy when I heard about this mission because now-a- days, people are cutting down trees for building apartments, malls etc. Chandrasheker Rao garu has even said every person has to plant one tree compulsorily. Forest minister Jogu Ramanna garu and all officers of forest department and other government departments have made lot of arrangements to start this mission. I was surprised when I heard 46 crore plants will be planted.

•To improve forest cover from 24% to 33%
•To plant and protect 230 crore saplings in 4 years.
•15.86 crore saplings were planted in the first year.
•46 crore saplings will be planted in the state during this year.
•25 lakh saplings will be planted in twin cities on 11th July.

This is a successful mission all over the world. To make it 100% successful, government should include local people, villagers, community leaders. Government should give them all the responsibilities for the growth of tress. If there are no trees, our survival will become more difficult. No oxygen.. no living.

In olden days, everywhere you see there were trees. Even in other countries like North Korea, South Africa, Australia, America and many other countries, there’s greenery all over. There, forest rules are very strict that’s the reason they have a lot of greenery. Our forest department should become strict.

Every leader till date has said only one thing: grow trees to make the surroundings pollution free. Trees are really very useful for us. Do all of you know why? First thing is, for all the living beings, oxygen is more important than food, then medicines to cure our diseases etc.

For every human being, it is first the parents who are the most important people to show them the world. Then, it is teachers who teach them values, morals, and to educate them. After that, trees are the most important ones for human beings because they give us life.

From ancient time, many people like our grand-parents and many others believe plants are equal to God and even now many of them have done Pooja and they even do now this indirectly because plants are very important for humans. Gautama Buddha got the knowledge by sitting under a tree and that time he said a person who does not plant trees, they have no full life.

People who stay in jungles and near- by villages were healthy in olden days, only because, they get fruits, good water, fresh air, medicinal plants. But, now a days, they don’t get all these and because of this many are getting hospitalised and some of them are dying.

Like the way we are all living happily, animals have also the right to live. But these days the forests have no trees and so many animals are coming into villages and cities because they don’t have fruits, water and shelter to live.

If they come into cities and villages like this their survival will become difficult and they’ll die. If they die it will become very difficult for the environment. They make the soil fertile and because of this the crops grow. It saves the environment from getting polluted which is necessary for humans to stay healthy.

Fruits are necessary for our survival and we get fruits from plants. These days it is not even raining and so no plants. If there is no water there is no ground water. If there is no ground water there is no drinking water. If there is no drinking water there are no living beings.

If a person is healthy he has all the wealth with him. If we want to build a house or make furniture or any things we need wood and we get wood from trees. There are many more benefits from trees. I conclude by telling if there are no plants, there are no human beings. Our Chief Minister is not only thinking about the environment but also about our health.

Thank you…


7th Class
Sadhu Vaswani international School Hyderabad.

Medaram Jathara

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