“Geetanjali” Film Review:


Writer of several successful commercial films, Kona Venkat’s decision to turn a producer to make “Geetanjali”, a horror-comedy, a genre he is not known for, has attracted industry and general audience attention alike to this project. Pairing of comedian Srinivas Reddy and Anjali was another curiosity, though such reports were denied by the filmmakers later, saying that Srinivas Reddy was playing a lead character and is not turning a hero.

The film was openly publicized a horror-comedy, but it is more of a comedy-horror movie, with comedy taking a firm lead. An apartment building is shown in the very beginning of the movie where a suicide happens. The flat is declared haunted, the owner promptly calls for a godman to pull out the spirit from the place. Though the spirit is captured successfully and taken out, the godman himself gets killed in a freakish accident. Then comes the story of Srinivas Reddy. Srinivas is a young film enthusiast who comes to Hyderabad with the sole aim to make an award winning film. He joins his friend Madhu and rents out the same luxuriously furnished flat which is coming dirt cheap because it is situated next to a graveyard. Srinu feels scared of staying at that flat, but due to certain accidental positive happenings, he deems the flat lucky and decides to continue there as he had been facing a tough time. Two other film enthusiasts – ‘Satyam’ Rajesh and Shankar decide to take Srinu and Madhu for a ride and become special guests in that flat. But a ghost is visiting that flat every night, eating up all the food in the house. As the ghost is not troubling them in any other way, Srinu, Rajesh and Shankar organize some food every night and stay locked in their rooms till the ghost is gone.

But more surprising situations await Srinu, more shocking truths are revealed one by one. Who is Anjali in this story, what is her connection with the flat? Why is the ghost happy with eating biryanis? will the hot shot, principled businessman Rao Ramesh eventually produce the film for Srinu? What happened to the investigation of the suicide? How the filmmaker answers all these questions forms the rest of the story.

Horror comedy has been scoring big in recent times in South film industry, but surprisingly there have not been many attempts in the genre despite the roaring success “Prema Katha Chitram” scored last year. “Geetanjali” banks heavily on the comedy, counts somewhat lower on giving any real scary moments in the film, yet this will go down as a good attempt in the genre. The entertainment is carefully planned in the script, using few recognized comedy actors in the telugu film industry. If Saptagiri played a big role in the success of “Prema Katha Chitram”, ‘Shakalaka’ Shankar can be attributed the same credit in this film. Srinivas Reddy suited the role perfectly and portrayed the role at right pitch. ‘Satyam’ Rajesh too was good enough. Ali, Pridhvi appeared in sharp cameos. Saptagiri had a short but effective appearance. Brahmanandam’s role was a bit over the top, yet provided good laughs in the end. Harshvardhan Rane was OK in his short role. Anjali’s acting was adequate. She looked quite bulky, which might affect her standing in the industry. Rao Ramesh played a memorable role with two shades. It will definitely add to his standing as a steady performer. The fear factor, which plays a major role in a horror movie was somewhat muted in the movie, which may affect the final satisfaction levels. But the film definitely satisfies the audience with the comic situations and well placed funny dialogs. As all the major actors are seasoned comedians, each scene came out perfected and dialog punches played out well.

The repeat of “Madhumati”, “Om Shanti Om” climax suited the film. Cinematography was good. The background score was adequate, songs are average.

Kona Venkat’s sharp eye for box office material is proven again. His writing has also clearly improved the film. Debutant Raaj Kiran’s direction is well crafted.

Over all, the film is full ‘paisa vasool’ entertainment. With a little more of the horror quotient, the film could have turned out better.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Medaram Jathara

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