Honey Bees adapting to plastic in cities!


In a clear indication of nature’s adaptability against difficult conditions, Honey Bees in Canadian urban areas are identified to using plastic material to construct their hives. Bees normally use plant effusions, gum in other words, and other natural materials to construct their extremely complicated hives. Scientists have now found out that at least two urban species of Bees are using tiny pieces of plastic waste and plastic construction material in their home building. The lack of green space in urban areas has been a major concern for bee watchers and they have been sounding alarm bells from many years. Since bees are instrumental in pollination, lack of living space for bees means the extinction of many plants and subsequently animals too.

“The plastic materials had been gathered by the bees, and then worked – chewed up and spit out like gum – to form something new that they could use,” one of the scientists said.

“The novel use of plastics in the nests of bees could reflect the ecologically adaptive traits necessary for survival in an increasingly human-dominated environment,” another scientist part of the investigating team said.

The findings are published in ECOSPHERE  magazine.

Medaram Jathara

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