How to look best despite hot weather

Untitled-4Hot weather, sweaty mornings brings down the spirits drastically. It almost seems impossible to feel and look good in this dusty weather. However, a few good habits can go a long way in keeping you fresh and happy throughout the day.
Colour is a reflection of mood. Usually neutral tones are advised during summer – like white, tan, or pale gray to look cool and professional at the same time. But, we all know that it is those bright summery yellows, refreshing greens, light pinks that soothen your eyes, sky blues that spread calmness, that are so good to the eyes of the beholder too. However, a word of caution – even a slight deviation from the right shade can turn out to be an eye sore.  The trick is to know the right shade of summer colour. In fact top designers too suggested that this year’s summer is going to be about burst of colours. They even said red, along with yellows, blues and oranges.
Wear your hair up…but don’t make it look stark and pulled. You need to wear your hair in such a way that it looks bouncy, happy and yet out of your way on a hot sweaty summer day. You can try the variety of easy to do buns and knots depending upon the length of your hair (check those DIY videos that you find on the internet). Most importantly wash your hair regularly to keep it clean and smelling good and use some good conditioner to keep it beautiful and soft. The secret is – you should love touching your hair.
Keep make up to the minimum – a non-greasy moisturizer / or better still a good sunscreen topped with compact powder, a smudge proof eyeliner and lipstick should be enough. The more the makeup, the more are your problems with sweat. Makeup should be such that when you feel hot and unhappy, you must be ready to quickly splash some cold water on your face and rejuvenate yourself, before reapplying it.
Always carry wet tissues and dry tissues that can be alternately used to clean your skin of dirt and grime while working outdoors. The wet tissues can be used when it is inconvenient to wash your face. You will feel refreshed.
Use deodorant and carry it always in your bag.
Wear only fresh clothes, and ensure they are loose fitting, but not to the extent that you look like a buffoon.
Cotton is definitely the best fabric, but try and not to wear cotton clothes with too much of starch or the ones that get easily wrinkled. Good quality handlooms never go wrong when it comes to summer. They are cool and if made of fine fabric – they feel good and look great on you.
Finally and most importantly you must feel fresh from within and hence exercise, which will in turn reduce your sweat and keep your spirits high, always. Also eat good food, fresh fruits and a whole lot of veggies. Keep your body cool by drinking a lot of water, fresh juice, butter milk etc.

Medaram Jathara

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