I have full right to speak strongly for Telangana: KCR


KCR refuted all allegations being levelled against him by Congress leaders and Chandra Babu in the recent times. He declared strongly that he is committed to his aim to stand for Telangana on every issue. He repeated that there should be no options to Seemandhra employees on where to work. He expressed confidence that next year “the Jaya Nama samvatsaram” will bring abundant victories to him and Telangana public. This is what he said, as it is….

No Congress leader from T objected to Kiran’s  full house rant saying he won’t give a rupee to Telangana, Kiran took away 7 thousand crores to Chittoor, no body objected, Ponnala turned ‘jala yagnam’ to ‘dhana yagnam’, do you think people have forgotten…?

Devadula was started because of KCR, being irrigation minister, Ponnala, even after six years you could not get it completed, you never participated in the movement, never left your posts, slept in the comfort of AC rooms, ran off to US during the movement…

On Potireddy padu, TV9 organized a debate, shall we show the videos again to the public, what KCR spoke and Ponnala spoke on the issue… you trumpeted YSR’s greatness on the show…!

This is all scheme of Seemandhra, they don’t want tough fighters like KCR, AK Goyal etc, they are not bothered about manageable persons like Ponnala, Damodara, DS etc,

Just after the President signed the Bill you issue an ordinance, is this the justice you want to give to Telangana…?

Damodara, who is Dora, who is the thief? T public will declare who is their leader in days, we will see… explain to T employees, will you support Seemandhra employee presence in Telangana Secretariate? will you want them to design your policy?

Congress TDP ruled for almost 60 yrs, what betterment did you achieve? you still want the ruling for yourself…

Public knows your history, they wont give you power again, they know that it is equal to giving watch of goats to wolves.

Galeru Nagari was Ponnala’s creation, it is entirely illegal, taking water of Telangana to Anantapur, DK Aruna supported it.. this is your history!

No power can stop KCR from standing for Telangana, i will repeat my stand and commitment for Telangana thousand times, will not tolerate your silly warnings, I am the president of the party that is going to rule Telangana, how can you say who am I…? I have every right, every say, it was given to me by Telangana public… i will carry out my tasks no matter what… Telangana public knows that I will be their watchdog…

we are sure to get more than two thirds majority in both houses… Next is Jaya nama year… It will be Telangana’s and Telangana public’s victory year…!

I repeat, no options to Employees…!

AP Bhavan cannot be snatched from Telangana, we will go to SC over this…

All illegitimate projects in Seemandhra will not get water released from here, unless our projects get filled..

Telangana has to be given Special Category, planning Commission itself said 8 districts of Telangana as backward, tribals, BC public are more in number here, we  are entitled for Special category…

My challenge to you… get these jobs done in your government…get one national project for Telangana, secure AP Bhavan, get special category for us, we are not against Polavaram, just change the design…

Pulichintala was built using six hundred police, it was carried out by Ponnala, how can you accuse me…?

SRC will advise on division, but the actual division will happen only after the two states start existing, then how can we accept Seemandhra over seeing when such division will actually happen..?

Will bring out all cases against Chandra Babu, we will display your actual faces…. Gurukul trust scam, Wakf land usurping, IMG scam… each and every issue will be brought out…

Medaram Jathara

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