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NDA prime ministerial candidate addressed his first election propaganda meeting in Telangana today. In the Nizamabad meeting, organized jointly by coalition partners TDP and BJP saw a huge attendance by the public. Yendala Lakshmi Narayana is contesting from the Nizamabad Lok Sabha seat representing BJP. Calling Telangana a new born kid, Modi opined that an able, strong minded support is ehat the region needs for it to grow properly. This is what Modi poke at the meeting….

“The Telangana turn out here is clearly telling what is it’s need now, we have seen so many elections so far. A kid is born, but if the mother dies, it will be a great difficulty to bring up the kid. The situation here is similar, For you a good government in Delhi is a must, do you want to elect a party that neglected your demand for so many years, caused so many deaths, the youth here preferred to burn themselves, the cost you have paid for Telangana is too high, look at the parents of those who lost their lives, can you assess the cost?

No body gave you Telangana, people are making wrong claims, you got this after many sacrifices, hence, do not vote for the wrong persons, it wouod be equal to negating those deaths, it would be equal to rubbing sault on the wounds of those parents, I have come to give you assurances, decide in whose hands you would be safe, without proper caring nurture from Delhi, Telangana will face difficulties, I will take the responsibility of Telangana’s future. Give your future to the hands which will make Telangana stand on it’s own in five years. Just the creation of boundaries on a map will not ensure Telangana’s future,

look at Congress’s history, Can you believe in them, remember the prideful history of Rajiv Gandhi, AP’s CM, Anjayya was not allowed into the airport by him. From the same area came Narasimha Rao who became the PM without the support of Gandhi family. That’s why, Gandhi family is disrespectful towards his memory. There are no memorials, this family removed his signs everywhere.

Congress accepted Telangana out of compulsion, remember this, now you have to strengthen your foundation. The central government takes care of international relations, so many T youth are working in Gulf, are they safe? are their lives secure, are they getting proper pay? who will ensure their security, These are my brothers, I will ensure their safety, Elect me, I assure their welfare.

The farmers who produce the turmeric here are very dear to me, but there is no turmeric research here, now related industry, this negligence is causing the suicides of farmers here, Shastri said, Jai Jawan Jai Kisan, but in this mother-son government, there is no jai jawan, no jai kisan. Pak comes in, cuts our soldiers heads, the government does nothing, after the independence, the number of soldiers died during  more died in terrorism, deaths of farmers is also more in number. Congress says, mar Jawan, Mar Kisan.

Nepotism, family rule is not good for any country, So many are contesting from one family, why so, Telangana has no better persons to lead them? Newly born Telangana needs better leading hands, I will take the duty, I can do it quite well, over three lakh are living in Surat, I am taking care of them, hence I can take care of the Telangana state too, So elect, BJP here, and in Center, it will be double bonanza for you, BJP was always in favor of Telangana, but Congress did not handle Telangana properly. That’s why I said, Congress gave birth to the kid, but killed the mother,  the mother I mean is the spirit , language, culture of Telugu. Telugu is the mother whether you are from Telangana or Andhra. How can you raise a kid killing the mother. That’s what is worried me most, how to rekindle this Telugu spirit, then came Pawan Kalyan to see me once. He touched my heart, my heart told me, when youth like Pawan are there, the spirit of Telugu cannot die, persons like Pawan will not allow it to die.

The country will be forever, not governments. To develop Telangana properly, we need to be careful. Believe in BJP, Trust our alliance. There is no future for Congress, there will be BJP government, but if you don’t send enough flowers from here to me, i will take care of all your needs, I ensure you, I will take care of Telangana like a small kid should be cared for.”

Medaram Jathara

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