Mother-Son government is gone this May 16th: Modi

modi & smrutiBJP prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi has set foot in Amethi, and the ground definitely rumbled to “Modi, Modi” chant! Modi declared Amethi BJP candidate Smriti Irani his younger sister and his representative to carry out his work. He has also taken several potshots at Sonia, Raul and Congress. He tried to prove that the Gandhi’s have since long shown their actual practice of angry politics, but they accuse him in reverse of that. He has also declared that his only focus is on improving the lives of the Nation’s public and has no hesitation to go back and selling tea. Here is what he said….

“The Mother -Son government is gone, no body can save t now… the UP public has only one task ahead of them now, Amethi’s public also has the same task, most of the country has already given their verdict, Amethi has to join them…

I have a clear picture of development in my head, Smriti will implement the plan here in Amethi on my behalf, she will put Amethi on top of the development ladder. Amethis now is the least developed district in the State, she will lift you from there. The Gandhi’s have been here from forty years, but show me their best work here, Rahul cannot name ten villages in Amethi. I have done so much for Gujarat, I will bring the same work ethics here too, I will realize your dreams, I will show results where they have failed.

How dare she ask Who is Smriti? Smriti is my younger sister, we have come here to improve lives here, not to settle scores, not to avenge anybody, not to grab anything from anybody.

Who are the right persons for you? those who talk about development, or those who are interested in looting everything? I will start my work from here, If I fail in keeping my promises, I will go back to selling tea.

Soniaji is frustrated that she has been training Rahul from 10 years, but all that training is now a waste…Sonia ji says that Modi has already anointed himself the PM of the country, I thank you for saying that, you give me great satisfaction when ever you say that, I can understand the mother and son’s anguish, they have sucked the poor till today, they never imagined that a poor will come to haunt them, a mere tea seller, they are unable to digest the fact, Is poorness a curse, I am saying proudly that I am a poor person, I am strongly saying that this poor person will claim his right now. People of Amethi have loved you so far, they have arisen now, no body can stop them from taking action now, I challenge the EC to conduct fair elections here, and see the magic that is going to happen.

The TV cameras in Amethi and Rae Bareli are focused only on one person, they never show the crowd, how many are there? Tens, hundreds… If any person raises a question, the cameras are shut, Smriti here has broken the fact here, You have raised many questions this time, good, next time ask me questions too, don’t ask me to ask what I have not done…

Tomorrow I will ask Mulayam to help me in getting better facilities here, I am sure, Mulayam will stand by me, Congress is not committed to work, that is why it has been claiming that SP is not co operating, somebody else is not supporting…

Rahul Bhayya , for 10 years did not say anything in Parliament. He did not even write a single letter, I challenge them to show me proofs. Show that Mulayam or Mayawati did not do their work… in stead, he says the same thing, I am from your family, you know me, you know Rajivji…

He says we do politics of hatred, I am saying now… under compulsion, When Rajiv was younger than Rahul, when Indira was PM of the country, Rajiv did not allow an Andhra CM to enter the airport, he abused him, this is his anger, is this the way to behave with an elected CM? Now listen about the mother, Soniaji did not allow Sitaram Kesri from remaining in the upper most seat, because he was from the lower most caste. Sonia necked him out, left him on the footpath. I am reminded of the treatment inflicted upon Bahadur Shah Zafar by the British. He was not cremated in Delhi. Sonia did the same, PV Narsimha Rao, who took India in a different route, Sonia refused to give him two yards place in Delhi to be cremated. His body was not even allowed inside the Congress office. Rahul tears away the papers of a government decision by disrespecting the PM’s post. Who is doing the politics of anger, you tell me!

They have not answered your questions about government’s responsibility, I am announcing today, in 2019, I will come personally to declare the accounts to you here. These are about a two thousand group of persons, they are eating away our Nation. I cannot tolerate this. I can go back to selling tea again. I am sitting in the CM seat for fourth time, my mother went to vote in a hired auto.

My motto is that I do not take bribe and I will not allow anybody to do so. I have several tasks before me, youth, women, farmers… I am leaving my younger sister, Smriti Irani here for you, she will take care of you. You gave forty years for you, give me sixty months, I pray to you, I have not come to loot you, I have come to beg you, Now it is your responsibility, day after tomorrow, you are going to vote… You should all go first thing in the day to vote… The mother-son rule will remain only for next 48 hours, the question is of the self respect of a working woman, Keep Lotus in your heart, in your mind, sink it on the EVM’s on 7th. One slogan, development.””

Smriti Irani, Amethi BJP candidate also spoke at the meeting and has said that it is time that BJP wins at Amethi.


Medaram Jathara

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