Nightmare on the roads

HY-27-BIKE-ACTION_1699230gOf late, lawlessness among the guys coming from affluent families is on the rise in the city as they create nuisance on the roads. It does not stop there. Their activities became a nightmare to people going about in a routine. But it became a common sight with no proper check on them. And the law-abiding citizens bear the menace uncomplaining. These boys have no value for money as they have no idea how the money is earned. All that they want is a kind of thrill, a kick or fun to push the days in lethargy.

chainIrresponsible gangs coming from affluent families is on the rise in the historic city as they misuse the wealth and misbehave on the roads with rash driving or blow horn at will irritating all concerned. It has become a common practice and is as much difficult for the cops to catch them despite installation of cc cameras. They come under the category of waste fellows. Money-laundering is their objective speeding up on the roads observing no rules. They became a menace to peace-loving citizens. They may cause accidents, irritate road users. But all this is a fun for the waste fellows.

liquorSons of top guns they are reckless, head strong and so on but their leisure or their fun and frolics and mindboggling games are resulting in nightmares to the road users. There are restrictions to bike racing. After police interference their activities were shifted from outer ring road to Gandipet tank, Neckless road etc. In advance they prepare for racing. And they are also in the long list of eve-teasers. They indulge in eve-teasing out of sadism. Surprisingly they became thieves for fun sake. Some of them commit thefts for fun and pocket money while others commit thefts for thrill. Routine road users are pained by their lawless behaviour and merry-making events. That also became a common feature. But police started their vigilance was stepped up to keep them in check and detained many such waste fellows.

Medaram Jathara

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