Puri, Nitin’s “Heart Attack” review:

Puri’s films are usually like fast food; they are attractive, tasty, you crave for them, it is the ‘in’ thing to do etc, etc. But they hardly have any substance that enriches your personality, health or mind. Having said that, I should commend Puri for making this particular film this stylish and so close to the taste of young viewers.

“Heart Attack” is entirely happens outside the Telugu mainland. First half is in Spain and second half happens in parts of Romania and Goa. Cinematographer Amol Rathod brings all the locales alive and audiences are transposed into a new world al together. The music of the film by Anup Ruebens is also good, especially all the three songs in the first half are good. The slow song that comes just before the break… “selavanuko…” will remain with you well after the movie. The Choreography by Sekhar fits well with the happenings on the screen. The fight sequence in the Spanish bull fight arena is wonderfully done. The look and costumes of both lead actors are very well done and add to the beauty of the locales.

The story of the film is wafer thin. Nitin is a ‘Live free, die free’ kind of Hippie guy. When he bumps into Ada Sharma (making a debut), all he asks is for a deep kiss – no love, no marriage, nothing else, because that is the kind of guy he is – doesn’t believe in mincing words or hiding feelings. The first half shows us how she feels compelled to fulfill his wish. Brahmanandam as Iskon Ramana with his family provides few laughs in this portion. They go their separate ways after this and the hippy hero bumps into another girl who gives him a taste of his own theory which shocks him to realize the love he did not reveal for Ada earlier. But she has already reached Goa and in a soup of her own with a brawny goon, flesh trader guy played by Vikramjeet. How our hero finds her again, with the help of Ali, and how he retains his love forms the rest of the story.

Nitin looks quite convincing in his role as a young philosopher. Dialog delivery, which has been a complaint with Nitin since the beginning, remains the same, but doesn’t really hurt the film. Brahmanandam and the black guy episode helps the first half greatly. The film remains interesting till the Romania episode, later it is a cliché of typical Telugu cinema twists and fisticuffs which renders the freshness till then a faded memory. Prakash Raj asking for help in getting her kidnapped daughter released on the internet is downright ridiculous.

The girl who played heroine’s friend is good looking and the second lead who comes in the second half also is beautiful. The younger sister is cute and chirpy quite suiting the character. Ada Sharma is not a traditional beauty but her acting is adequate for the role.

I feel the A certificate to the film is justified because the film shows and deals with a lot of adult behavior and way of life with bits of excessive violence. The girl in Puri’s fims is usually a voyeuristic object. The camera caresses her at every opportunity, the story and other characters too treat women like possessions and mere entities of physical sexuality. This film too follows the same pattern.

But, what more can you expect from a director who openly says only commercial cinema is useful to the society.

This wont be a disappointment for Nitin, at the same time it is not a repeat of “Gunde Jaari Gallatayyinde” either.

As I said in the beginning, the film is very entertaining and trendy, but may not remain with you after you come out of the screening. Just OK for one viewing.

Rating: 2.75 out of 5

Medaram Jathara

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