RGV declares an erotic film, debate with denouncers on TV… busy man!

xes RGV

RGV’s “Ice Cream” has made good profits for the producers, though it may not have satisfied many audience. But film reviewers who took RGV to task have earned his wrath and he has decided to unleash all of it on live TV!

But before getting busy with fighting detractors, he has also announced anew film an erotica… a first for him, but as per his own admissions he is an expert on women and sex, hence the audience may hope a film either a little too deep, or one that enlightens them fully. As per the poster, the film will touch six different emotions in six different stories, probably all having erotica as main theme! This is his statement announcing the film:

“Ever since I have started my career I have done films in almost every conceivable genre as in Shiva(student politics), Rangeela(love story), Bhoot(horror), Satya(gangster), Daud(caper), Sarkar(Drama), Kaun(psychological thriller), Attacks of 26/11(terrorism) to name a few.. But one genre that I have never tried my hand at is Erotica…I primarily decided to now do films in genres I have never done before and XES will be the first Hindi film I am going to do in my attempt to travel in that direction…The will to power and the urge of physical desire are the two most primary motivating forces in human instinct.. In the film XES I intend to explore that facet of the human mind to its upper limit by placing an assortment of characters in six different sexual situations which will be all connected through one central story line…In an erotically charged atmosphere, each of the situations in the film are going to bring out the emotions of guilt, betrayal, helplessness, embarrassment, hurt and above all empathy.. XES is going to be my first Hindi film in my re-invention of what all genres I tried my hand at so far..  Ram Gopal Varma.”

Medaram Jathara

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