Surya, Samanthaa, Lingusami “Sikander” film review!


Surya, Samanthaa, Lingusami, Santosh Sivan, Yuvan Shankar Raja, Rajeevan, Anthony, Raju Sundaram, Brinda, Brahmanandam… the list of biggies associated with this film goes on! Let’s see what they have done with the film released!

“Sikander” (“Anjaan” in Tamil) is a simple revenge story. The story begins with Krishna, (Surya), a handicapped person, coming to Mumbai searching for his brother Raju, who has gone missing in Mumbai. Different persons Krishna meets tell him that Raju, is not just a person, but Raju Bhai, who is a dreaded underworld don of Mumbai. While Krishna is trying to get more details of his missing brother, Raju Bhai’s story, his place in Mumbai, why he is missing is revealed.

Raju (Surya), Chandru (Vidyut Jamwal) are the most feared, respected dons of Mumbai. Though there are other big fish in the pond, the tide presently favours the duo. During a fight with the new police commissioner in the town, Surya gets to know Samanthaa. She falls in love with him, slowly pulling him too into the Love’s net. As the lovers are busy holidaying, Raju’s bosom friend Chandru is killed. Raju decides that it is the act of Imran Bhai, a much bigger don with whom they had an unpleasant incident. He goes to attack him. Does he succeed in killing Imran Bhai? Why is he missing now, is he even alive? What happened to Samanthaa? Who is this lame Krishna, searching for Raju Bhai… answers to these questions form the rest of the story.

As it is a big ticket commercial film, it is crafted to suit the box office requirements. Surya’s looks and body language ooze style throughout the film. His pairing with Vidyut Jamwal is good. Samanthaa looked most glamorous in the movie, appearing in a bikini for the first time! Santosh Sivan’s first ever use of Red Dragon digital camera shows Mumbai, Goa, Golkonda and other locations in special light. Stunts by Silva, especially the interval sequence and Vidyut’s fight are excellent. Raju Sundaram and Brinda’s choreography in “Bang Bang..” song, in couple of duets with Samanthaa are top class. Samanthaa’s appearance and dancing was unbelievably good. Chitrangada Singh’s item song is neither interesting, nor so well choreographed. Yuvan Shankar Raja’s songs are OK, but the background score does not offer much. Actor Surya sang the song “Ek Do Theen..”in tamil.

The film was given one of the biggest releases in the recent times. It was released entirely in digital, in over 1400 screens across the globe. Despite all the big names and technical highlights, the film is a display of lots of style with no substance at all. All the different faculties have worked wonderfully, but the one factor that gels them all together, a good story well told, is missing and the film ends up as an almost three hour stretched yawn. Except the hero-heroine’s introduction scenes, the film has nothing new to offer. There is no explanation to why the film is titled “Sikander”.

Actors like Brahmanandam who have a bigger screen presence than most heroes in Telugu, should not degrade themselves by doing stupid characters like this one, either for money or for market reasons.

Despite the bumper business and good money for all persons involved, this film betrays the trust of an average film goer who goes to the movie respecting one or many big names associated. Writer, director Lingusami, who has given us films like “Aanandham”, “Run”, “Sandhakozhi”, “Paiyaa”, “Vettai” etc, may have given good business to producer, brother Bose, but has let down all viewers. Go to the theatres at your own risk!

Rating: 1.5 (just to the individual works of actors and technicians) out of 5

Medaram Jathara

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