The road trip essentials

road-tripA long weekend is ahead, and if there’s nothing else to do, a short weekend trip to a fun destination can be a good option; and what better way to make it even more enjoyable than take a road trip. There’s no way a road trip can go wrong. In fact there are cases when the destination may be a wee-bit disappointing, but the road trip makes up for it. The foremost thing about such road trips is that you should be ready to be a bit adventurous and try new things; and at the same time, a certain amount of caution is needed. It is important to pack the right things for a road trip and a little planning will go a long way in the making of a memorable getaway.

Things to bring:

1. In today’s time and age, all you need for a trouble –free navigation is a good smart phone with battery backup, access to maps and GPS system.  And once you have decided the destination, it is always helpful to do a bit of research to know about places to visit in the area, special attractions, places with good food, comfortable night stay etc.  The backup plan would be to carry a travel book and physical map. Technology is always not so dependable.

2. Spare tire, jumper cables and jack, basically the tool kit has to be checked to see if everything is there before stowing it into the boot of the car, spare set of keys that you must always carry on you, batteries, charger, power bank, a torch, a physical phone book with emergency numbers, and numbers of family and friends like in the old times, first aid box etc., are a must.

3. Ensure you carry all the requisite papers on you – the license, registration papers, insurance papers etc.

4. Carry sunglasses, sunblock, basic OTC medicines like ibuprofen, paracetamol, antacids, bandages, antispectic cream and such paraphernalia for the first aid box, hand sanitizer, soap, shampoo (these days you get these small containers to which you can transfer your moisturizer and shampoo etc so that you don’t have to carry large bottles of your favourite toiletries). Also make sure to carry small detergent soap, just in case. In addition do not forget to carry bug repellents and Toilet paper.

5. Check on the regular medication that you take.

6. Take disposable glasses and plates, but also have a set of regular plate and glass handy. Have more than enough napkins and paper towels

7. Avoid road-side junk food. You never know if it is safe enough. Carry fruits, biscuits, granola bars, crackers etc. You can also carry a portable cooler to keep water bottles. You can carry snacks that can be preserved over a couple of days and sandwiches for immediate consumption.  Carry a clip to re-seal the snack covers.

8. Do not forget to take your entertainment sources – pendrive full of your favourite songs, IPod, books if you are a book lover, and if you have kids travelling with you then carry things like Frisbee, badminton gear, board games, colouring books etc.

9. What’s travel without a camera? Check if the entire camera set is in the bag. Try carrying an extra memory card and battery. Do re-check to see if charger is in place. Lap top, if you are carrying one needs to be checked to ensure there’s the charger wire etc all in.

10. Ensure that in addition to washed, and pressed change of clothes that are enough to last the short trip, you also pack a pair of night wear, blanket etc in case of emergency. Comfort is the key in choosing your clothes. Carry an umbrella. The list may look long, but all it comprises of are the basic essentials that will make your trip comfortable and keep you ready to face any emergency.

Medaram Jathara

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