TRS would be bad for Telangana: Pawan Kalyan

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Jana Sena founder, film actor Pawan Kalyan spoke at length at the Nizamabad TDP-BJP meeting attended by NDA prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi. This is what he said….

“Jai Telangana, Purpose of Jana Sean party is to ensure social justice across caste, religion, region differences. I never spoke about Telangana for political reasons, I love Telangana, I have special place in my heart for T. In what circumstances T arrived is not to be discussed now, but how to better it needs to be discussed, every one is running to take credit for it, hundreds sacrificed live, the agony of their lives… I felt deeply sad, the UPA ruled for ten years, why didn’t they take such long time to take decision in this regard, why did it wait till hundreds lost their lives, now when Congress leaders say they brought Telangana, you ask them why did you wait till hundreds lost their lives?

NZB has many development issues, I have roamed across this region, every village, every tanda here, but i am just an actor, i came here to campaign, not seeking political power, i am not contesting because i don’t like family rule, members of family need not come into politics, my son, daughter, nephew… this shouldn’t be the approach. Shravan who worked with us, we gave him ticket looking at his commitment, not looking at his caste, he was denied ticket by TRS stating his caste, should this be the approach in giving tickets? should one caste, family get so many tickets?

Here Madhu Yashki, Kavitha, Yendala are in contest. This is an important fight, I don’t know if you would vote according to my suggestion, but you know that i stand for the cause of public all the time, Congress ruled for ten years,very valuable ten years, Congress took ten years to solve Telangana issue, farmers issues are still unsolved, no Turmeric board yet, sugar cane is grown so much here, better facilities are not provided for the crop here… Ask Congress leaders why should we vote for you, you have left our issues unsolved, you took our kids lives, that’s why i gave a call Congress hathao desh bachao, what did you do for youth do you believe in their promises. that’s why I am supporting Modiji.

I read TRS’s 32 page manifesto, they worked for Telangana, no doubt, no body is denying it, they said the would merge with Congress, but didn’t, they ran behind BJP too with regard to Telangana, BJP which has always supported T, extended the support to T in parliament, then they called BJP a religious party, then they talked about third front, the group which opposed Telangana, BJP is going to form government in the center.

KCR is disrespectful to one and all, He did the same to Modiji too, his harsh manner may not work for Telangana, such and irresponsible leadership is not good for T. In their hands, T will go back another hundred years,

I was born in Bapatla, Guntur, not here. Even if I am not born here, I have right to talk about T, in 2009, I faced an electric shock in Kondagattu, but due to the blessing of the god, i am alive, I have Telangana in every bit of my body, every corner of my body,

How can he get the central rule if he goes on calling people names, being abusive to everybody, better educational facilities are needed, for which central co operation is needed, he took his own family to see Sonia, not any member of martyr’s family, he will cause damage to Telangana, he will betray Telangana cause because of his abusive, manner-less behavior. Yendala fought for Singur water, for Turmeric board, he is the true son of Nizamabad, if he is elected, an able leadership will be available for the region.

My reason for coming here is Modiji. I have many revolutionary minded friends, they advised me against Jana Sena because I supported Modiji. If he is going to provide able leadership to the country, why shouldn’t I ,I won’t care for such criticism, I go by what is beneficial to the country,

Modiji is a disciplined leader, I have seen my self in Ahmedabad, the country needs strong, able leadership, not one like Man Mohan, the remote control leadership culture of Congress caused the deaths of hundreds here, so please vote for a strong leader like Modi.

If Modi is not an able leader, could he have won three times? Development should be all rounded, not just ring roads and real estate, the real development is the kind now seen in Gujarat, Modiji will now lead the entire country, and will develop the entire country in the same way. Congress Hathao, Desh Bachao.”

Medaram Jathara

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