US President may decide to enter Iraq even without Congress Support

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US President Barack Obama is learned to have indicated that he could unilaterally take a decision as the Commander in Chief of the Army to enter into the Iraqi situation, even without the support of the Congress. Obama has indicated this to the several senators he met yesterday to discuss the Iraq situation, as per reports.

The Iraq government under Prime Minister Nouri Maliki has already requested the US with air strikes on the advancing Islamic State for Iraq and Syria (ISIS) militants from entering Baghdad. The US President has the aircraft carrier battle ship USS George HW Bush at his disposal in the Persian Gulf. The US has indicated that it will limit itself to sending out surveillance drones, and small units to train the Iraqi army, refraining from any actual war efforts on the ground because the leadership still thinks that a political solution, a government that would make the warring Sunni community included in the society is the actual solution to the problem.

Maliki’s Shia government has failed in this respect, hence calls for replacing him have been growing. US Senator John McCain has already given an open call to Maliki to step down. US Vice President Joe Biden has been having regular talks with other representatives of Iraq looking for an alternative that would hold the Shia, Sunni and Kurd factions satisfied. The role of Sunni leader of the area, UAE will also have to be countered.

The US President, if so required, can take the support of laws like 2001’s AUMF – Authorisation for the Use of Military Force, to order US forces on the Iraqi ground. Specially after the Iraqi government has officially requested US for strikes on the militants. The 10,000 – 12,000 strong Abu Bakr al Baghdadi led forces, have the support of money captured from several banks from areas under their command , and have recently won the country’s biggest Baiji oilfield. If they manage taking Baghdad in the next two days, the eventual decision of the US President might turn a little too late for any immediate change in the status of affairs. Can Obama take the chance of entering another 3 or 5 or even 10 years of war that is not truly America’s to fight?

Medaram Jathara

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