We will take all opposition with us in our journey ahead: Modi


Prime Minister Narendra Modi responded on the thanks giving motion for President’s address to the joint session of Parliament. He has said that he hopes that no over confidence, or arrogance enters them because of the numbers advantage and took vow that he will take all opposition along with in the path of development he is envisioning along with the crores of Country’s public. Here are the major points of his speech as they are…

“Questioning the ambitious plans of the government is natural, but I have achieved such target before for Gujarat, Now we will work overtime to reach the present targets and projections too. The Presidential address and targets announced in that is not just a formality for us, but a commitment, we will always remember the importance and respect the address should be given and worked towards for completion. Before the elections, we were contestants, but now we are entrusted with the many hopes of the dreams of the public. As caretakers, we have to remember and strive towards our responsibilities. The questions and doubts being raised now are also one way of representing the hopes of the public.
I Congratulate the public again for giving a united mandate for unhindered work to be carried out by the government. It is time for the great Indian democracy to realize and take its proper place in the World. Biggest responsibility for the government is the welfare of the poor, because the rich can take care of themselves. Antyodaya Kalyan is our commitment. Ours is an agriculture society, ours is a village based society, but we are yet to improve or bring much needed changes there. “Rurban” will be the way forward in this direction.

Satellite based education will give better knowledge to far away villages. Sikkim is going to be the first entirely Organic society. Soil Health card system implemented in Gujarat can be spread in the entire country.

I am hurt with the incidents of violence against women, I request leaders to refrain from psycho analyzing incidents like that, Can’t we protect our own women? Cant we refrain from such barbarity?

We are the youngest nation in the World, Neighbor China is growing old, we are getting younger, we have to supply the world with these young and energetic youth. In such time, there is a wide spread perception that we are “Scam India”, But I want us to be “Scheme India.”

I want India to export teachers. I want job ready individuals to come out of schools, colleges. I am not questioning the work of previous governments, but serious intent on government’s part is needed to bring the change needed. I see that muslim youth generation after generation indulge in the same menial jobs, why is this situation not changing?

Gandhiji has converted freedom fight into a public activity. We have to convert fight for development into a “Jan Andolan.” If a cricket match could inspire entire country to unite, we can bring in the same spirit into national revival too. On Gandhiji’s 150th Birth anniversary, can we ensure a clean and pure India as a tribute to his memory? I was born after the independence. I did not get the chance to die for the country. I want to take this opportunity to live for the country and work towards ensuring a country where there is no family without a house with all basic facilities.
I thank Mulayamji for the concern he has shown regarding our goals, let us dream and work for those dreams, we will get the guidance of elders like you in our course.

Duryodhan had the knowledge of good and bad , but goodness was not in his DNA, Public never wanted the Pandav’s to loose. I hope I do not get any arrogance because we are big in number. We do not want any progress without taking you along with us. We will not go ahead without you.

I have a clear idea that Gujarat Model will not work every where else. Now Tamil Nadu is saying that we are better than Gujarat. I am waiting to hear of more such examples. Contributions of Tamilnadu, Sikkim, Bengal, Kerala, Chattisgarh in several areas are commendable. We need to honor achievements everywhere and welcome them.

I say I will take all criticism in our stride  and will work towards making them our advantages, we will respect the suggestions offered in them, I am sure, the House will give every opportunity to fulfill the hopes and dreams of the public.”



Medaram Jathara

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